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Finnish and Turkish are actually deeply rooted in each others language, if you go back a buncha centuries they will be quite similar. Nordic runes also were influenced by ancient nomads. Another fact is that when the lullaby that goes 'Dandini dandini dastana' is usually sung with the child laid upon the adults legs and being swung. At least from where I come from (I'm a German-Turkish mongrel). And at last a question; How large are the sofra's Turkey serves?


but he’s just bragging i’d say // Greece

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Isn't Ukraine also part of the Ottoman Empire?

It was in a way, but it was more of an ally than really a part of it. (for example they didnt always paid their taxes and the ottoman empire was like “ok good still send your cavalry and we’ll be even” and these two were apparently compared to the Lituanian-Polish alliance.)

Also, the Crimean Khanate was only a part of Ukraine, and well Ukraine’s history is a little more slavic centered than ottoman centered. So i’m not including her within the empire, she can make a few appearances though.

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btw you’re lucky because i really have too much work lately to answer here but mama greece/sadik is one of my guilty pleasure

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I know you have tons of asks buuuut I love Turkey so much <3 and it's my birthday today! Any chance I can get a happy birthday from my favorite country and biggest crush ever? <3

Happy birthday darling, i made this dessert myself you’ll enjoy it you’ll see *winkwink* // Turkey

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As a turkish, let me say this to yea.. I luv your blog and posts so much!!

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I wanted to say that he had it coming but well, Turkey was not really the guy to take critics well back then // Egypt


[[ Russo-Turkish war (1877-78) : 12th war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, started with the balkans’ uprisings of 75-76 /brutally supressed in Bulgaria/. Long story short, Great Powers were like “Turkey stop and give them independence already” and Turkey was like “lol no” so Russia came to support the balkans and war ensued. The Ottoman Empire lost and had to lay off Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, and give an autonomous state to Bulgaria.]]

Hello, first of all I love this blog! Second, can you do a page explaining which character is which? because sometimes I get very confused since a lot of them look similar.
Thank you ! I just created the page dear anon i hope it’s what you were waiting for somehow !

following an anon’s request, i started a who’s who type of drawing, supposely to make them easier to tell apart

but it’s slowly becoming a ‘who’s the hottest country’ contest

help the ottomans are all giving me bed eyes

edit : also aside from bulgaria and the fang bros, it’s a complete green eyes parade and i’m realizing this just now

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(wow help that comic you just posted- it's too perfect for me oh gosh i laughed so hard, bless your soul wonderful person)

oops i just saw this one

thanks a lot, i’m actually relieved this mongolia and turkey thingy is still seen as comical because it accidentally got a little sad while i was drawing it

but yep thank you ~