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Anonymous said:
so I just wanted to say that your blog makes me really happy. Like, how you have these quirky and lovable little characters and commentaries and other things. So, yeah I just wanted to thank you for being a really cool person ouo

i i i am speechless i just. thanks a lot my dear anon you’re making me blush ;v; thank you for being so nice!

ottomanliest said:
Hey Moldova, do you get along well with the other kids?







I get free hugs from miss Ukraine so actually i can cope with not getting along with the other kids // Moldova

psionicbird replied to your post: New theme! + i added the tags page! I …

Whoooaa your new theme looks AWESOME!! xux

thanks a lot my dearies, it actually took me a LOT OF TIME to choose it

i can never choose themes quickly hehe

Anonymous said:
um ...who won the bet for hetaween?
kocheidoodle replied:

you know i just like this show so much i decided to do exactly like himaruya and put my hetaween on hiatus 

no but seriously tho, i’ll probably finish it for this year’s halloween unless i have no time at all to do it. and if this happens i’ll let you know how i projected this

little hiatus

because i’m already super late for this 1rst year event and i really really want to finish it, i’m putting my two askblogs on a mini hiatus until i indeed finish my projects (and also because i’ll soon go on a holiday trip and i won’ be able to answer from where i’ll be)

so i’m closing the askboxes, maybe i’ll still answer some little asks if i need to take a break from this stuff, but don’t expect a lot from me in the days to come

stay awesome, guys!

Anonymous said:
hi mun! I love your art style.I follow you a long time and ı see your deviantart you talking about IRIS comic.I don't find a english version and I love to read it.

thanks a lot dear anon!
Actually i could never find an english version of IRIS either and i can only look at the pages with a big sigh of “what the heck is happening”.

on another topic my dear followers, i’m a little busy these days because of life events, sorry for the lack of updates!