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The Ottoman Empire and Russia’s relationship being kind of a running gag since the 16th century, nobody was surprised by this bullshit anymore in the 19th.

can you feel the drama or nah


I talk about philosophy  with Turkey when he’s about to go to bed. He usually answers with “for fuck’s sake greece let’s talk about this tomorrow”. Small pleasure. // Greece

Anonymous said:
Well, folk clothing, by definition, is the clothing of the people. That's it, that's what people wore. It varied in region and time of course, what you see when you google it is mainly developments from the 18-20th centuries. During that time some Turkish influence came in as well- mainly in the men's clothes(the dark, full-bottomed breeches and short vests) and some jewellery. The most archaic forms that are conserved are the white-based clothes for men and single/two-aproned costume for women.

By folk costumes I meant the traditional clothing people still wear nowadays and are directly from the 19th century, but yeah I guess I mixed the words here sorry about that.

Thank you for your input anon, it’s interesting to know!

Anonymous said:
The reason why you couldn't find any Bulgarians in 'Ottoman' clothes is because it was worn by rich Turks and Bulgarian Muslims who managed their way up the social ladder(who were very few in а 90% peasant population). But they weren't considered 'truly' Bulgarians by the rest. Also there is this RL thinking of the OE as something external and Bulgarians from this era are never called "Ottomans" though they technically are. The folk costumes are the proper clothing, they would never be burned.

Thanks for the precision dear anon, but what I meant was Bulgarian clothing from the Ottoman period. Specifically bulgarian, not turkish clothing worn by rich bulgarians.

Because the few references I found were indeed very close to the folk costumes, but mainly from the 18th-19th, so I have a hard time believing this was the exact same and only type of clothing for 700 years. I may be wrong, but I didn’t find any reference. If anybody has some I’d be glad to see them!

As I saw no such references, what I’m currently wondering is if Bulgarians were wearing turkish clothes, or if they indeed were wearing their own but because of the long ass occupation, these clothes were in the end confused AS turkish clothing. 

So either way I can see Bulgaria, who completely rejects the Ottoman period, getting rid of them (but NOT the folk costumes of course), as nowaday we indeed have so few information about them. 

quite-a-character said:
I'm kinda curious, do all of these nations have these outfits still? In their closets? Do they loan them out to museums? (And could you do a time flies for you celts blog? Please?)

hmm i guess it depends on who and what type of clothes

like i can totally see bulgaria burning his ottoman era clothes like “no not thinking about it bye” (+ the fact i actually found so little bulgarian clothing from the ottoman era).

but i guess most of them would indeed loan them out to museums, i don’t know i just like this idea of “legacy” to their people or something.

(and i think i will! but i need more time hehe)

catherine-the-spooky said: I love your aph Hungary so much omg I’d love to hear more about her!!!

WELL. I’m glad you do, but I don’t know what to tell you right now. Do you want to know something specific?

Time flies : Hungary

Nomad baby (Magyar) | Principality (9th AD) | Ottoman Wars (14th-16th)

Start of Ottoman supremacy (Battle of Mohács, 1526) |  Habsburg time (18th) | Austria-Hungary (1867)

WWI | WWII | Hungarian Uprising (1956)


chaoswillkillyou said:
I'll reveal you a secret: It's all true. We Bulgarians shine brighter than Doitsus (especially when we're under pressure). Beware the shiny bulgarians >:3

Bulgarians are such bright people



Anonymous said:
but what if i am already born and raised bulgarian?? what now?? ;dd




The “maybe if i make you blind you’ll ignore me” bulgarian technique is commonly used in stressful situations, when the bulgarian prey feels trapped and wants to escape. It’s also known as [[brightness intensifies]]